In days gone by, furniture was always made by hand. The Craftsman would painstakingly cut each board and joint to fit perfectly - creating a well-built, quality piece that made him proud. There are many pieces now found in museums and collectors' homes that are a testament of the quality of craftsmanship that has stood the test of time. Through years of use, climate changes, and moves from one home to another, these pieces can last hundreds of years. When we ask ourselves, "Will the furniture we buy today hold up to the pieces of the past?", the answer is "Probably not". In today's world, the fine art of handmade furniture is a dying art, but my goal is to create furniture for you and your family that when we answer that question, we say "Absolutely."
Each piece is uniquely created as a joint project between me and YOU - together, we develop the overall design, look at function and size for your home, and select wood that appeals to you and is appropriate for the piece. We design this project together, with the goal in mind of a happy client that can share in the joy of watching their dream come to reality and know that they will have an heirloom piece that lasts for future generations.
Because we work one-on-one, you are updated throughout the project as to its' progress and completion. Contact me today and let's start creating something together that lasts not only your lifetime, but through generations of your family.


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