New California Sculpted Rocker

I recently finished a rocker class back in June/July and after the class the one of the students came up and showed me a picture of a new prototype rocker that's seen in the picture below and said it was one of the very last pieces Sam made before he passed and asked me how hard it would be to make this chair..I basically told him that without actually seeing the chair..I have no idea what's all involved.. After he left..the chair intrigued me and I really wanted to see and know more, so I made the trip up to the compound and spoke with the docent who was extremely helpful (the chair is no longer on display and was moved to it's home) I was told that this chair was one of the very last pieces made and was numbered 005, 2009 which told me everything.  My journey to recreate this began..I saw and felt what improvements that were needed and modified the design to take them and spent a very good amount of time recreating each part to go together to have this chair be spot on while making the changes so the chair would not look different, but yet be the way it was suppose to be.  This chair is NOT..anything like the classic rocker that he was so famous for building, it is a chair that lives on hardlines and order to make this chair, you will spend 80% of your time rasping and shaping and flowing hardlines, but the end results is stunning.. I will post more pictures of the build as I go..


 This is my latest and greatest..the picture is a little blurry, but will post all new pictures when I finish the build..




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I love this Maloof-like design. Looks like a very comfortable chair.

November 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDocK

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